Monday, February 22, 2010

Yamaha is going to let out new maxiscooter

Yamaha is going to let out new maxiscooter

The Japanese concern Yamaha Motor plans to increase even more power of the and without that powerful and very popular maxiscooter T-Max 500. Just about there is a device version under name T-Max 750!

Now there are only drawings and preliminary specifications of the new scooter which, under the informal information, can be let out on the market next year.

At T-Max 750, unlike a present leader of ruler T-Max 500, will be any more two - and the three-cylinder engine, volume, accordingly, an order of 750 cubic centimetres. Thus, the device from Yamaha will make a direct competition to Italian Gilera GP800 – to the most voluminous scooter of everything which are let out now in the world.

An order of the prices for a novelty, and also that, in its what markets it is supposed to advance, yet do not declare.

Now Yamaha T-Max 500 – the biggest and the most powerful, and also the heaped most up максискутер Yamaha. The engine at it two-cylinder, volume of 499 cubes and capacity of 32 kw (43,5 h.p.) At 7 500 ob./minutes the Moment – 45 Nanometers at 6 500 ob./minutes of the Brake – two-disk in front and one-disk behind. Wheels of 15 radiuses. A tank – 15 litres. On a choice four colours – black, dark grey, silvery and yellow. Weight – 221 kg (225 kg with ABS).

Model 2009 has feathers of a forward plug of the increased diameter for the raised stability. Updated T-Max became more comfortable and thanks to a new seat, handles for the passenger and to the changed windscreen. The muffler supplementing sports shape of maxiscooter has exchanged, now the engine sound will seem the present music to fans of driving on two wheels. The scooter looks completely in a new fashion, the instrument panel is changed, in addition to all the luggage compartment is increased in volume.

Thus the scooter not only has not put on weight, but also became easier - thanks to a new aluminium cast frame under pressure T-Max upon 5 kg became easier than the previous model.

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