Saturday, February 27, 2010

Used BMW Motorcycles

BMW as a model has always been associated with prestige and class. This has resulted in the brand being an all-time bestseller in almost every continent of the world. While BMW have diversified greatly, the company has stayed true to its brand and model attracting millions of fans worldwide. Since 1923, the company has moved from aircraft to luxury cars and now luxury high speed prestige motorcycles.

While many people generally prefer brand new motorcycles, the current state of the economy has caused people interested in BMW motorcycles to go bargain hunting. This means that used BMW motorcycles have become a huge hit especially to upper middles class individuals.

In the world of motorcycles, it is generally agreed upon that motorcycles retain a much higher value than even cars. Japanese motors have been great. And do have been Harley Davidson from the USA and Italian brands. But BMW has continued the legacy of quality and class that started with its brand name cars down to its newer offerings-the motorcycles.

Prestige and class as we have mentioned, marks the reason why people go for BMW motorcycles. First of all, the brand has made a name for itself. This means that the class and prestige and is associated with BMW is beyond reproach. Quality is also another element that buyers have come to expect from the BMW models. This is the same with the motorcycle. Because the German car maker has distinguished itself as a top player in the auto world, the same is trusted in the world of motorcycles.

Motorcyclists are very particular about their bikes. That is why when embarking on its production of top-of-the line motorcycles, BMW had this in mind. Technically, there are two types of used BMW motorcycles, the R- series and the K-series. The differences include two cylinders which are horizontally-positioned for the R series and three to four cylinders usually lying side-by-side for the K-series. Innovation on the part of BMW has also produced the F -series which has only only one cylinder and chain. There are further divisions within the R series. One is the fact that it is modern and has a fuel injection system. This is preferred because it translates into ease of repair and cheaper costs.

As we mentioned, the best way to get a used BMW motorcycle is to visit your local dealer or certified used car lot. This is important because you get to choose and feel what you want and even do a test drive. This is advantageous in that people who shop on eBay do not have this luxury.

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