Saturday, February 27, 2010

the New Honda VFR1200F

The motorcycle market had all become a bit stale and predictable over the last twelve months. New models were released without a great deal of modifications being made, old models were tweaked to make them seem more appealing and new concept models that actually looked very promising on paper were scrapped.

Despite all of this, Honda has managed to come through for the attention starved fans with the release of the new Honda VFR1200F, which had its first outing at the Intermot motor show in Cologne in October of 2008 as a rather bizarre and confusing mould.

However, just over twelve months on from that motor show the Japanese manufacturer has managed to turn that model into a new Honda V4 motorcycle that is set to take the world by storm.

The new Honda V4 was shrouded in secrecy from the very beginning, with many claiming that it was to be a new V4 style superbike to rival the Aprilia V4 that had just been released. The configuration of a V engine has certain benefits to it, including the reduction in size needed to fit the engine, whilst also providing better traction out of the corners over the more aggressive inline four configurations.

However, after the rumour mill stopped turning the Japanese factory finally decided to release some details about the new Honda, which would instead provide the touring community with a new motorbike to rival the likes of BMW who at present have the touring sector sown up.

The new Honda has been tipped to revolutionise the market with a new automatic gearbox making riding a much simpler experience for the touring generation. Although there doesn't seem to be a specific age limit, the touring bikes seem to be more reserved for elderly riders who prefer comfort over speed.

Initially Honda claimed that the new machine would make a significant impact upon the market, similar to that experienced by the Fireblade back in 1992. Whether it can live up to the hype is something that we will have to wait and see, initial reaction to the bike appears to be like the popular food spread Marmite, people are either loving the new design and details that come out or hating it. There doesn't seem to be a lot of undecided voters.

One thing Honda should be applauded on is the fact that they have actually bothered to take the bold step of developing something new. They have strayed off the beaten path and I for one hope it works for them.Article Source:

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