Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Let me put an end to the battle at the start itself. The best bike between ZMR and R15 is R15. But wait… given a choice to BUY a bike I would buy the ZMR. So where does the ZMR score better? Read on.


Both bikes are good lookers. But R15 is a class apart. It is a bike designed at one shot compared to the ZMR which evolved from the classic Karizma. Hence the R15 looks purposeful whereas ZMR is fanciful. R-Series styling is spot on. The Delta-box chassis suits a fully faired bike and mono-shock rear adds more juice. Relatively, the ZMR looks more fancy – a sort of hayabusiness with larger proportions. So the ZMR has better street presence whereas the R15 is extremely smart. Comparing pictures of ZMR and R15 side by side, the R15 wins hands down. But compare them on road, the ZMR’s larger proportions does make you look good enough. But, both bikes don’t have a graceful butt though ;)


Here comes the biggest difference. A tuned 150cc Vs relaxed 223cc. Both the bikes have extremely refined engines, deliver great power and are fuel injected. However the greatest difference is how they deliver power. The difference is visible in the specs:

R15: 17bhp@8500rpm, 15Nm@7500rpm

ZMR: 17.6bhp@7000rpm, 18.7Nm@6000rpm

The ZMR is around 20kg heavier so the higher torque and power are offset, but the difference is the 1500rpm difference between the two engines. In real world this makes a lot of a difference for the normal biker. In the R15 you have to wrung out pace like a racer, whereas the ZMR is a lot sedate in its power spread. So for the discerning rider, the ZMR will feel a lot faster. A proper biker would like the R15 as this is how sports bike behaves. You need to hold bikes like R15 in the power band. In contrast the ZMR is designed as a tourer for Indian conditions – Its heavy, extremely reliable, looks big and has power at lower revs. If you look closely why bullets are preferred for touring, you’ll see that power and torque peaks for a bullet as low as 2000-3000 rpm. Power at lower rpm has several advantages – a more relaxed engine, and a better drivability.


R15 wins hands down on a track. Delta box and a link type monocross suspension is way ahead compared to the ZMR. One can never catch R15 on a racing track. But on city roads the ZMR is as good as the R15.

Fuel Efficiency

Both bikes are equally good. The R15 might deliver slightly better mileage with careful driving.


Overall the R15 is a great bike and boasts best in class technology. It looks amazing as well. The ZMR on the other hand is an evolution. ZMR appends fuel injection, disc brakes and better styling to the Karizma. At the start of the blog I had mentioned I would buy a ZMR over the R15 mainly due to the way the bike delivers power at lower revs. Personally I don’t prefer to screw the engine hard to extract performance as I wont be using the bike on track. Also, when touring a 223cc bike delivering roughly the same power, better torque and more heavy weight than a 150cc is better suited. Also within city, the ZMR has better performance and good street presence. So technically the R15 is a better bike, but if you prefer power delivery as per my taste, the ZMR is the one.

One line Verdict: Technically R15 wins, but the old wine in new bottle kicks

Honda CBR in reasonable prices

Middleweight Sportbike

Honda has just announced a new CBR600RR for 2010. The 2010 motorcycle appears to be an evolution of the 2009 and clearly with bold new graphics. The bike includes some braking performance improvements as well. This is part of American Honda Motor Company's Powersports Division announced today and is the third new release of 2010 motorcycle models. This on-road motorcycle release follows the earlier announcements of Honda's 2010 Fury, scooters, dirt bikes and ATVs.

"We are very excited about announcing these four street bikes for 2010," said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. "Within this mix we have a new cruiser, a new lightweight touring bike and two CBR sport bikes. The cruiser offers a whole new look for Honda, our new touring bike delivers lightweight, nimble handling, a stylish fairing plus saddlebags for the long haul or daily commute. The CBRs continue to set the standards of performance for the full-on sporting genre. This sets the stage for a great year in 2010 and there will be additional street model announcements later this fall."

Over the years, no other 600cc machine has won more magazine comparisons and AMA championships than Honda's CBR600RR. Traditionally this motorcycle has offered a likable balance of power and handling. The new CBR600RR claims to blend a light and compact chassis with impeccable power delivery for a combination that is set to live-up to past expectations. The motorcycle will also be available with Honda's unique Combined ABS for the pinnacle of middleweight sportbike braking performance.

The 2010 CBR600RR will be available is pearl orange/black and "leyla"; the new special custom graphic. The C-ABS model will be available in red/black only. Dealer availability and MSRP is yet to be determined.

New Honda Titan having great olden look

new Honda Titnan Having look of olden bikes but having a great performance

Honda brings a flex-fuel motorcycle to the market with its CG150 TITAN MIX ES. Honda claims the small-displacement motorcycle’s Mix Fuel Injection System makes the new model the “first motorcycle in the world to be equipped with flexible-fuel technology.”

The flex-fuel moniker will allow the new TITAN to take advantage of bio-ethanol fuels. And in Brazil this is significant, as the South American nation is a world leader in utilizing bio-fuel to supplement gasoline for transportation energy. Honda cites “approximately 90% “ of new cars in Brazil sport flex-fuel technology.

Brazil’s bio-ethanol fuel is made by harvesting sugar cane. Touted by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil’s ethanol industry has been both praised and criticized. Supporters point to job creation and energy independence from ethanol, meanwhile critics say the use of food sources for fuel leads to rising food costs.

The CG150 TITAN MIX ES will be sold in Brazil by Honda subsidiary Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda, and the Japanese giant expects 200,000 units sold annually. Honda is a juggernaut in the Brazilian motorcycle market, the Japanese firm accounting for 1.326 million of the 1.91 million new motorcycle registrations in 2008.

The TITAN is expected in Brazilian dealerships by the end of March with an MSRP of 6340 Real ($2,700).

The new Honda CB Twister rocking the city's

The new release by Honda, the Honda CB Twister has shaken the world. Customers and Journos with the critics are already all praises about the two wheeler. Here are our first impressions of the bike in terms of looks, performance, engine, and hell loads.


The new curvy look that the Honda Twister possesses gives it a real cool commuter bike look. We are thankful that Honda decided to give it a mini-CB 1000R look. It is nowhere the typical design of the Honda Unicorn.


The styling provided is definitely a head turner and includes good paint quality, well-fitting panels that are sturdy to not start rattling pretty soon. The double-cradle diamond type frame is well-balanced and in combination with optimized suspension and alloy wheels makes it a smooth ride. The front tyre is a 70/100 section, while the rear tyre is a 80/100 section, both being 17 inches in diameter.


The bike boasts of a 109 cc motor that develops 9bhp@8000 rpm and 09km@6000 rpm that is just enough to move around on this machine at good speed.


The price of Rs 51, 150 (ex showroom, Mumbai) for all the electric starter, disc brake and alloy wheel-equipped makes it a value of money.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maruti Suzuki Kizashi 2010

Kizashi comes with an outstanding aero-dynamic design with front view featuring a completely stylish look. There is a new innovative tapering headlights and classic front design that is unseen so far in Maruti small car models in India. This new upcoming model can rightfully be attributed as a cross-over sports sedan.
Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) Managing Director and CEO Shinzo Nakanishi said “My concern is about the quality of our growth. Although we achieved good overall national numbers, the region-wise and model-wise performance was not uniform. We relied mostly on Dzire and Swift to power our growth.”

As we said earlier, Maruti Suzuki India Limited is currently aiming to launch a new sedan in India, Kizashi. Maruti Suzuki Kizashi is likely to be launched by 2010.
It is still in the concept stage in India, it was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motors Show in 2007 and later at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi in 2008. The company might add to this car with a price tag at Rs 10 Lakh and which will be placed at the premium car segment with luxury features.

Suzuki Launch GSR 150 in October

The much awaited bike GSR 150, also known as Lanza, from Suzuki will be launched in India on October 23rd. This will mark Suzuki’s foray in the 150cc segment to counter the recent launches from Yamaha. Yamaha launched its 150cc bikes YZF R15 and FZ16 that created a storm in its segment. Both bikes from Yamaha have been very successful and now Suzuki plans to encash the success of 150cc bikes in India.

Sports bike designs do not take ergonomics into consideration. However, the new Suzuki GSR 150 will have best of both the worlds. Clearly defining the muscular looks and style, the new bike from Suzuki will have a great body and maximum comfort for the rider. The longer and wider seats have been designed to give maximum seating comfort.
The engine is not as strong as Yamaha R15 but gives a maximum power of 15bhp along with superb mileage and fuel economy. The overall design boasts proudly about the masculine cues and robust design.
It is pitted against Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache RTR, Honda Unicorn, Hero Honda Hunk and Yamaha FZ16 in its segment. The expected price of Suzuki GSR 150 is Rs. 70000 as all Suzuki bikes are priced at a premium in their segments.