Monday, April 26, 2010

2011 Citroen DS

The return of the DS is one of the more anticipated events at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, where the manufacturer Citroën is planning a slew of DS cars, mainly to rival the Audi.
The release of the 2011 Citroen DS is in line with the company’s 90th anniversary celebration this month.

The DS brings back memories way back 1950 when the name was first used until the 1970’s. The DS3 is set to be unveiled by early 2010, roomier that the C4, it’s a mix of a sedan and a hatchback. Direct rivals in style and class are the Audi A3 and the Alfa Romeo 149. Then here comes the DS4, a bit bigger than the DS3, after which the launch of the DS5 set against luxury vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW 5 Series and the A6/ A7 Audi.

This sets the stage for the company’s push to become a French luxury brand by utilizing its experience of 90 years of quality, excellence and innovation in the car manufacturing industry. And as the demand for smaller cars arises Citroën is poised to establish itself as “want” rather than “need” item, making it a must have accessory for the select few
Chevrolet Camaro 2012 release by GM on Facebook. Chevy Camaro consist show american muscle in the new product. How about You?

Porsche 918 Spyder 2011

Surprised in Geneva Auto Show 2010. Porsche 918 Spyder 2011 have new combination engine, three electric motors with mid mounted V8 engine. This configuration can produce power 500 Horse power and ultra low CO2 emission.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pit Boss, the motorcycle concept for wiseguys

The guys at Custom Eyes Concepts have come up with a rather unique motorcycle concept, but not at all implausible. In fact, the Pit Boss, as it is called, actually looks a bit old and that is mainly due to design inspirations from the cars back in the 1950s. More precisely, show off cars such as the ones you would have seen being driven by the early Vegas "wiseguy" aka casino pit manager aka pit boss. And that’s where the name comes from.

CEC claims that “mixing those themes with modern design concepts results in a true embodiment of the emotion and stature evoked by the real pitboss, in this one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle design.” More pictures after the jump.

VertiGO Electric Motorcycle

It took a student working on his masters to create a concept for an electric motorcycle. We’re sure Maarten Timmer wondered with us on when electric motorcycles will appear, so he created this VertiGO Electric Motorcycle concept. Timmer’s idea features a tailsection and saddle cantilevered instead of the usual area where the gas tank is located. As a concept, not many details are yet known. Would you like to see Electric Motorcycles in the road soon?

KIA Cadenza 2011

This new sedan is designed to meet customer needs in a safe luxury car, can provide emotional satisfaction by presenting an ideal driving conditions. “New CADENZA continuing evolution of KIA in applying design that combines harmoniously with the lighting (light) and lines (lines). This sedan also represents a new concept in luxury sedans on the aspects of performance and technology, “said Director of the Overseas Marketing Group Kia Motors Corporation, Soon-Nam Lee.

2011 BMW 6 Series

The 2011 BMW 6 Series model will hit the market by the end of 2010 model year as 2011 model vehicle. Similar to the present model, the next generation model will also be designed and produced based on the 5 series model. It will share most of the mechanical and technological features from the 5 series version.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Benz E Class new models


One more car in the list of Mercedes India is the new E Class Coupe. It has power and luxury on the equal side. Since it has a coupe tag line it comes into power segment. Apart from luxury the new coupe delivers 272 staggering German horsepower.

The design of coupe is made from latest aerodynamics specifications which help the car to travel at high speeds. Price tag on the coupe is not that high compared to the power generated by the metal heap.

Ex showroom price in Mumbai is Rs 56.38 lakhs only. Lots of European accessories are listed in the car which makes it fast and safe. Apart from luxury and speed the design is typical Mercedes style which ensures you can have power shifts.

It also shares its name in one of the high end class of Mercedes cars.

Yamaha FZs in New Colors

Yamaha FZ-S in New Colors
Yamaha FZ is one of the sturdy 150cc bike available in the auto industry. Since the response and demand is increasing day by day it is now available in new colors. The Yamaha FZ-S will be available in Black & Green combination, Blue & Silver combination. There are no changes being seen in the technical area.

Apart from speed the new colors do look good only if you are racing fanatic. These colors are taking from racing mentality which means bright. The FZ-S is a powerful bike and has looks which are mind boggling. There is no confirmation when thenew colors will arrive. Keep your fingers crossed, if you are buying the FZ-S suggestions are wait for some time till the new colors arrive. New theme is also seen the upgrade which is a good update. Yamaha fanatics can enjoy the new FZ-S with bright colors as green and blue.
Yamaha FZ-S in New Colors

Benz SLS AMG and Fascination

Mercedes SLS AMG

Dessert gold colored power can be seen and heard right from hall no 10 of the Delhi Auto Expo. All new SLS AMG which has the legendry design in modified a bit to give stylish and muscular look. The cockpit is made to give the true racing feel. This is one of the superb designs from the German auto maker.

Mercedes SLS AMG

Lot of commotion could be seen at hall no 10 when the car was revealed. The price tag is about 2 crores which is good according to the power and styling delivered by the car. The entire range of AMG cars were on display and the SLS one toped the range. The design is simply superb and has one of the top notch looks. To increase the cravingdesign in available in racing colors too. The gold color did pull of the look but could be more attractive if it was available in racing colors.
Mercedes SLS AMG

It is one of the exotic cars which have the capability of turning heads when it passes by. The CLS AMG is designed for the track and street. New technology is used for the development of the new CLS AMG. Well pictures shout than words and it’s true. The crowd had covered the golden beauty from all sides. Yet the Italians and Americans are waiting for their turn but the Germans have made their move.

Mercedes SLS AMG

Concept from Mercedes

The Delhi Auto Expo is full of surprises which are not even dreamt. German car maker Mercedes Benz just unveiled the new concept coupe which has been on the designers mind from a long time. A peek of the concept can be seen but information says that it is one of the powerful and luxuries coupe produces in market. The design is done according to the current demands of a sports car with luxuries. Combinations of both have created one of kind model which was surrounded byMercedes fans. The Mercedes café was filled with its pictures. This is one of the top notch concepts which are developed. Though it had some complication but got it solved asthe German designers are into quality and speed.

Mercedes Benz Fascination Concept

Mercedes Benz Fascination Concept

Audi releasing 2010 models in india

On the 5th of Jan around 5.30pm Germans made their move towards victory and history was in the making. The Audi Sportsback concept attacked with its mighty powers. It dwelt deep inside the imagination of a car enthusiast. The new Sportsback concept is one of its kinds with new interiors and power.

Audi Sportback Concept

The entire making of the new vehicle was applauded with respect. The entire arena was in silence just before the lifting of the curtain. When it ascended it was unimaginable as the creation had wonders and magic creating power. Thin silencers inside the rear bumper kept it waiting for firing. The sleek new exhaust was invisible and had a drag like look. The new TDI engine was more refined and had the power to convert dreams into reality.
Audi Sportback Concept

The interiors were spell bound magic. Luxury at its best could be seen inside and outside the car. This was one heck of a machine which was designed with beauty around. No one could ever imagine in their dreams what this car was like until they saw it in Auto Expo. Creativity at its best could be seen in the car which was opened in front of live audience. Wooden plus interiors ensured luxury was given at the required price. This was one of the best luxury carsAudi has created. With the development in time there were some changes which shouted the beginning of a new era.

Audi Sportback Concept

Front led lights ensured day time after returning from dinner party. This was one of the top models which were reserved for luxury. The front grill had unique German pattern which could gulp air inside. Surrounding the grill were the sharp headlight which were designed inAudi style. Side ways it was bigger than the other German auto maker. Surrounding the dreams were hungry Audi fans. After the opening ceremony just one thought surrounded the minds of Audi enthusiasts when is the official launching date. This is was one of the top notch concepts which had a demand right before its launching.

Audi Sportback Concept

Audi R8 Spyder

If you want speed and some air then this is the perfect selection. As the curtains went down a new speed demon was released. This demon had the capacity to unveil new unlocked paths. Audi R8 Spyder version was launched. It looked marvelous as the curtain was rolled up and up. The reaction on all those German fans was breath taking. The new R8 consist the same engine which is fitted in the stock R8.

Auto Expo 2010 : Audi R8 Spyder

The same v10 engine roars with a bang which has power to turn other demons away. The 5.2litre FSI engine has good power and can burn rubber. The Auto Expo helped to reveal the German mind which was thinking about the launch from a long time.

As seen in the Expo the new Audi is designed in a different manner. The open Spyder now breathes air. The open look of the Spyder ensures there are second looks when it passes by. The design is totally German. It has given competition to Italians and American manufacturers too. With the developing technology now it is a reality to launch one of the priced possessions of the Germans. It has huge amount of competitors which can take over but the German car maker resists in all conditions.

Audi R8 V10 new sytles

If power is the question then no one else without Germans knows how to answer. This is the typical mindset of a German car maker. The new R8 is decent and flashy. Just as you wish to pop the hood and check the enormous V10 engine rattles your bones as if you were in a roller coaster ride. The new Audi is all set to roll the streets with its fancy new power. The top notch engine delver’s higher gear ratios which throttle the car to digit mark starting with 3.The new V10 made its debut in the Delhi Auto Expo.

Audi R8 V10

Pure madness of 5.2 litre can be experienced when the throttle is engaged. The sparkling red color which is expected to be seen in the expo is much awaited by German fans. Italians are also in the waiting as their red colored power will soon be dominated. The cost of new German experiment is quoted to be around 1.75 to 2 crores. This will be one of the to notch sports cars available in the block. To enhance the look of car it is tipped with new rubbers and metals. The entire wheel has a new design and a heart too. The V10 can propel to high speeds in a blink of eye.

Experience pleasure when out for a spin. The new V10 promises exhilaration at unmatched speeds. V10 promises to do wonders on Indian streets as it roars at signal halts. The red color will soon be appearing with number plates starting from MH or DL.

BMW SUV models

Power with muscular looks can be scary at times. BMW promises both in the Indian market. The new X1 which is one of the best SUV will be seen on Indian roads. The new version of the X1 will surely find its way to use 4wd. This is one of the trendiest SUV which will invade Indian streets. Different variations can be seen in the X1 which can suit the pocket.

BMW X1 20d

Bavarian Motor Works promised it words to bring a top notch SUV which can destroy SUV competitors in India. There are three variations which are available which can be purchased. To take on the new challenging rivalry it is one of the top notch SUV which can deliver high output.

Technical specs can help in deciding true power of the German Monster

  • BMW X1 18d : 1995cc, 141bhp @ 4000rpm, 320Nm @1750rpm
  • BMW X1 20d : 1995cc, 174bhp @ 4000rpm, 350Nm @ 1750rpm
  • BMW X1 23d : 1995cc, 201bhp @ 4000rpm, 400Nm @ 1750rpm
BMW X1 20d

Price : 45 lakh (On Road)
Launch : Q1, 2010 (expected)
Rivals : VW Tiguan, Land Cruiser Prado & Mitsubishi Montero

BMW X1 20d

As the power rose with the name the new launch will have customers waiting in the queue. X5 is also one in the list which has delivered true power. The X1 is far better than the X5. It is light and has some serious power delivering capabilities. The new 2 litre engine ensures noise less performance.
BMW X1 20d

BMW 5 Series

The much awaited launch for the German car maker left no time to take the curtain up. 5 series BMW Gran Tourismo mad its way in a royal manner. The new luxury from BMW was sparkling new. With a price tag of 63lakhs it was one of the priced possessions from the German car maker. One of the twitch in the launch of Gran Tourismo stated it will have 100 units sold. Well yes this can be stated as a limited edition types. The new car will be a splendid performance fromthe German car maker. Luxury does come at a price and it has been proved.

BMW Gran Turismo

The GT is one of the power machines from the BMW house. The new Tourismo ensures pure power under the hood. It looks splendid in its legendry grey color. One of the top notch performers which money can buy. It has dealt with lots of complications before coming to India. The twitch of 100units leaves it to be one of the rare performers which can be seen on Indian streets. The new set of wheels will be available to public by year end.

BMW Gran Turismo

This is latest news which has been out of BMW house. The Chennai plant is in full roll with the new specifications that need to be covered with the car. More news will be revealed in short while which can set a new mind set aboutthe German buyer. The grey color looks truly classy and rich.

BMW 760 LI

The new unveiling BMW has reached the Expo and was inaugurated with respect. The new name for Luxury was revealed when the curtain was raised. The new oversized luxury icon was launched and was a centre of attraction in no time. Entrance of the BMW was crowded with hungry German fans who wanted to see the all new luxury.

BMW 760 LI

The entire section was covered with the car. This was one of the longest BMW ever manufactured. The 7 series does have the capacity to deliver high class power. The car accelerates to unmatched speeds in less time.
BMW 760 LI

It has 6 litre V12 engine which rockets in less time. Legendry Twin Power Turbo Technology can be seen in the new wonder. Double VANOS camshaft propels the engine to high speeds. It has the capacity to deliver 750nm of torque at 1500Rpm.

BMW 760 LI

The user will have to manipulate his way through 8 speed transmission which is available on the 7 series. It has replaced 6 speed transmission for good as the new one can travel at higher speeds.

BMW 760 LI

The additional gear set up gives the user a chance to have control the car in high speeds. Additional gears are given to handle the car according to the weight of the car. It also helps maneuverability according to the dimension of the car.7 series is one of the luxury sections which are dedicated to business section. This is one of the advanced 7 series which will give a sight of the coming future. Different colors options are available which can give rich and classy feeling.

BMW 760 LI
BMW 760 LI


Mighty looks do make a difference when you are driving sheer luxury and power. The all new SUV from BMW is set to be launched. The new X6 is one of the biggest SUV for India. The look of the SUV is mighty as the name. Bavarian motor works is all set to conquer the SUV section. They are taking over the other two competitors in no time.

Auto Expo 2010 : BMW X6M

Cost of the new machine will be around 1, 50, 00,000. This is a straight competition which cannot be handled by any other manufacturer. Though the cost is over helming but quality and the entire product offer does have power and the looks which are top notch. The car can accelerate from 0-100 in less than 5 seconds. Such features are available with a sports car and not a SUV. The enhanced version ofthe new BMW lets out raw power at minimum use of resources.

Auto Expo 2010 : BMW X6M

It has a direct competition with its other brands too. The make of the SUV is done in a decent manner which is elongated as the Q7. BMW falls longer than the Q7 which is one of the advanced features of the car. The V8 engine ensures you have a noise less drive. There are added goodies which could be seen with the car.
Auto Expo 2010 : BMW X6M

Price : 1.5 Crore (On-Road)
Launch : January 2010
4395 cc V8,
547 bhp @ 6000 rpm,
680 Nm @ 1500 rpm
0-100 kph 4.7 sec, 7 kpl

Rivals : Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport & Porsche Cayenne

Fiat 1.3 Multi Jet 90 Punto

Pop the hood of a Punto you will find the engine of the Linea. This is one of the upgrades which are given to the new Punto. The all new design and goodies are given at 6.5lakhs. Well at one point of time hatchbacks were available within the range of 5 lakhs. But today as technology is developing the price is increasing.

Fiat Punto Sport
The new look of the Punto will be available in different colors though we got to see only one. The engine of the new Punto is little different than the Punto. It delivers 90bhp of power which is decent for a hatchback. Well if compared to other cars then it’s certainly more. The swift which is one of it competitors stands no chance in front ofthe Italian small wonder.
Fiat Punto Sport
The new Punto is available in the market only in the top Emotion segment. Launch date is around mid year which will be after the financial year gets over. 90bhp straight from the engine at 4000Rpm. This is one of the added features that can be seen inthe new version. It has a geometric turbocharger which delivers high output. The same turbo charger is fitted inside the new Linea too.
Fiat Punto Sport
The new mill delivers 205Nm of torque at 1750Rpm. This is the additional wonder which drives the Punto at high speeds. The VW Polo can be a real enemy which can turn the table at any point of time. If not the looks then surely the engine will pull off the demand.
Fiat Punto SportFiat Punto Sport Wheel

Fiat Punto CNG and Trendz-2010

Fiat Punto CNG

Fiat Punto CNG

With the development of new technology there are new upgrades which are being performed by the Italian manufacturer. The first Punto which was released had the Linea engine. The other two variants include the CNG flexi fuel and the trendz version. Both of them have the same specifications which the other Punto shares. The new version which is the Flexi Fuel has the option of CNG or Petrol. This is one of the added advantages which the customer can get.

Fiat Punto CNG

The new version is equipped with CNG facility which is a plus point for the Indian consumer. The new CNG variant ensures maximum use of resources which is one of the effective measures to cut down rising fuel prices. The technology uses in these cars is same which is inthe new Punto. The cost of the Flexi Fuel will be around 5.6lakhs. This price is cheap compared to the other prices which its rivals are quoting.

Fiat Punto CNG

Fiat Punto Trenzd

Fiat Punto Trendz

The other version is the Trendz. This can be jazzy according to its looks and features. It has a limited edition of 1.2 litre of FIRE petrol engine. This is one of the latest updates which are available from the Fiat manufacturer. It comes with a CD/FM/MP3 version which is top notch. The 1.2 active lists is added with these features.The new version of the Trendz is eye catchy as it has decals all over which can set the mind on fire. A small reminder which can empty your wallet now is that the Trendz is a Limited edition car.

Fiat Punto Trendz