Friday, April 23, 2010

BMW 5 Series

The much awaited launch for the German car maker left no time to take the curtain up. 5 series BMW Gran Tourismo mad its way in a royal manner. The new luxury from BMW was sparkling new. With a price tag of 63lakhs it was one of the priced possessions from the German car maker. One of the twitch in the launch of Gran Tourismo stated it will have 100 units sold. Well yes this can be stated as a limited edition types. The new car will be a splendid performance fromthe German car maker. Luxury does come at a price and it has been proved.

BMW Gran Turismo

The GT is one of the power machines from the BMW house. The new Tourismo ensures pure power under the hood. It looks splendid in its legendry grey color. One of the top notch performers which money can buy. It has dealt with lots of complications before coming to India. The twitch of 100units leaves it to be one of the rare performers which can be seen on Indian streets. The new set of wheels will be available to public by year end.

BMW Gran Turismo

This is latest news which has been out of BMW house. The Chennai plant is in full roll with the new specifications that need to be covered with the car. More news will be revealed in short while which can set a new mind set aboutthe German buyer. The grey color looks truly classy and rich.

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