Friday, April 23, 2010

Fiat 1.3 Multi Jet 90 Punto

Pop the hood of a Punto you will find the engine of the Linea. This is one of the upgrades which are given to the new Punto. The all new design and goodies are given at 6.5lakhs. Well at one point of time hatchbacks were available within the range of 5 lakhs. But today as technology is developing the price is increasing.

Fiat Punto Sport
The new look of the Punto will be available in different colors though we got to see only one. The engine of the new Punto is little different than the Punto. It delivers 90bhp of power which is decent for a hatchback. Well if compared to other cars then it’s certainly more. The swift which is one of it competitors stands no chance in front ofthe Italian small wonder.
Fiat Punto Sport
The new Punto is available in the market only in the top Emotion segment. Launch date is around mid year which will be after the financial year gets over. 90bhp straight from the engine at 4000Rpm. This is one of the added features that can be seen inthe new version. It has a geometric turbocharger which delivers high output. The same turbo charger is fitted inside the new Linea too.
Fiat Punto Sport
The new mill delivers 205Nm of torque at 1750Rpm. This is the additional wonder which drives the Punto at high speeds. The VW Polo can be a real enemy which can turn the table at any point of time. If not the looks then surely the engine will pull off the demand.
Fiat Punto SportFiat Punto Sport Wheel

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