Sunday, January 31, 2010

Watching Avatar in 3D

Ok guys, this is not a review, I just decided to write about it since i've got so much time in my hands and gotta get into the act of blogging again. Might as well tell you about something I just did recently.

Last Weekend, I paid RM18.50 for a ticket at GSC One-Utama to watch Avatar with Soon Yang and Daphne.

 As I've never paid so much for a movie ticket in my entire life, it better be good.

Not just good. LIKE DAMN GOOD!!

Its not surprising to me that I went ahead to watch the movie at such a price because I mean, a movie does not just gross US1 Billion without actually being good. I mean DAMN GOOD!!

Some say that you should watch Avatar in 2D first then go to 3D, but then, I mean seriously if i really wanted to watch it in 2D, there's always the DVD to depend on. I know in my heart that i'll never get another opportunity to watch it in 3D. My TV can't do 3D so...I watched it...Its a 2 and half hour movie..Enjoyed every bit of it..

Also another point to add is that I've always had the misconception of watching 3d behind a glass with blue and red film just like this..

But what you actually get is like something that looks like real glasses.

The only problem of watching it in 3d is that if you are already wearing glasses like I do (not for 3d purposes of course), it may be a bit difficult to wear another glass (3d glass) on top of it (nuff said!) which is annoying I suppose.

All I can say is..

Its really good!!A good mixture of romance, action, and science.You know its a good movie when you do not want to get out of the movie to take a piss or waiting for the movie to end and hoping for more...I think you get what I mean...So for all you dvd goers out there, Trust me, if you're reading this, watch in in the cinema..Its worthwhile..

Here's a glimpse of it...

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