Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

If there was any day where I can update my blog,

today is THAT DAY!!

Because today, we celebrate Federal Territory Day!! Here's how this day works. If you're working in KL that is your office is literally in KL as long as your address does state 'Kuala Lumpur', you get that DAY OFF!!

But if you're office address says something else like 'Selangor', than sorry pal, just forget about this day altogether.

Anyway, here's my latest update since the start of the year and i'm gonna talk about what I did on New Years Eve.

I told myself that i'm gonna do this post today and I'm GONNA DO IT!!I know its been a month back but helll..i'm still gonna do it!!

This year I started the New Year again with some of my closest friends back in Penang. Every year, we would celebrate New Years at home because of the idea that celebrating up at happening spots like Upper Penang Road or Esplanade or some formal events would always turnout to be horrendous and at the end never turning out to be fun.

Some say that one of the problems would be finding a car park and even if you do find one, it would be so crazily overpriced that it would create an upset in your tummy not to say, a hole in your pocket to begin with.

Some also say that even if you do find yourself in a nightclub, it would be so packed with people that is nothing different to squeezing yourself in say a box to be shipped into another country. It would give you a taste of how exotic animals are illegally transported to another country.

Some also say that even drinks would be over priced on that day and when I mean over priced I don't mean like by a few cents or something but probably by the double figures. Its like buying a proton at the price of a Bentley or so to speak..

Some also say that with all the crazy revellers around, you would never know whether your car is safe enough to defend itself when its been targeted for extra decorations by these revellers.

Anyway, a few of us decided that celebrating at home has always been a better way to welcome the New Year.

Here are some pictures.

 Picture with the guys...At the heat of the moment hearing the "1 Malaysia Song", we all were taking pictures so fast that Tiam did not even have a chance to swap his cake for a glass of champagne to take pictures with.

Picture of the girls that came...

This is Dr. Yong Lin! She Saves Lives in General Hospital! She works sometimes for 48 hours straight. Makes me rethink how hard i'm working when I use to complain that I only get like 6 hours of sleep a day.

Last but not least, if there was anyone you guys should thank, it would be Tiam! He kind of pushed me to hold a party, so...yeah..THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!HAHA...Hope you enjoyed it...

I guess thats all I have to share in pictures. Thank you guys for coming!Its always been great to have you guys around to celebrate with. Would like to take this opportunity to wish you all on my blog and all my dear existing readers,


Can't wait to see how we gonna do it in 2010? I hope to be updating this blog more often..wait a minute...


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