Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yamaha FZ15 and video

The memory of the Yamaha Gladiator 150-165 cc "Prototype" is still fresh in my mind. The Gladiator 150-165 cc "Prototype" was another concept which was shown in Auto Expo 2006 but sadly never saw the light of the day. The other Yamaha product shown at the Auto Expo 2008, the YZF-R15 seems almost production ready and therefore I chose to cover that before the FZ-150.

The FZ-150 "Prototype" shown in the Auto Expo 2008 has a 150 cc engine, carburettor (instead of fuel injection), fat rear tyres (about as big as Pulsar 200/220 rear tyres), air cooled engine (not liquid cooled like the YZF-R15), 5 speed gearbox (insted of a 6 speed one on the YZF-R15) and also the FZ-150 doesn't have the "delta" frame of the YZF-R15.

Maybe the only change that Yamaha India needs to make in the FZ-150 is change the rear tyres from the impossibly fat (for a 150 cc) to the ones found on the Pulsar 150's and the Apache's. Apart from the tyre change the looks of the FZ-150 should be left untouched

It is based on totally race technology with which MotoGP bikes runs, technology with which R1 is built. It is India’s first 150cc 4 valve engine. It is India’s first Bike with forged pistons. It is India’s first Bike with a Diasil Cylinder. It is India’s first Bike with the Deltabox frame, again based on the R1. And it is India’s first Bike with a 6speed gear box.

It is Fuel Injected and will hit the market in June 2008 .The rear tyres though are only a mere 100, MRF uses imported Soft compound to give it better grip than similar sized tyres.
We can expect a prize of INR 80000/- for a beast like this. Never care for the CC. I hope it will have 20+ bhp and a top speed somewhere near 140kmph.

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